Our Story:

"Grey Cloud, it might seem unordinary for you, but for me it made perfect sense. I received my native name “Mahpiya Hota Win” which translates to Grey Cloud Woman. When thinking of a name for my own clothing brand, Grey Cloud came to mind and seemed fitting considering our sweatshirts are as comfy as a cloud." - Mya Benway

Owner & creator of Grey Cloud, Mya Benway is indigenous, specifically Dakota from the Prairie Island Mdewakanton Sioux Tribe.


Giving back :

Grey Cloud believes giving back to the community is necessary. As a small business, we can only do so much, but by spreading more awareness about this organization it could help drastically. This is why we chose the Navajo Water Project to help out as much as we can. With every order placed, Grey Cloud donates a portion of the proceeds to the organization. 

The Navajo Water Project brings hot and cold running water to homes without access to water or sewage lines. They fix this by using their “Home Water System” that they personally install. “More than 150 years ago, the Navajo and many other tribes signed treaties with the federal government giving up their land in exchange for funding of things like housing, infrastructure and health care. But for decades that hasn't happened.” As Mya is an indigenous woman, we feel personally connected to this donation and are honored to help this organization out. Learn more here https://www.navajowaterproject.org/project-specifics